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Wing and A Prayer

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I knew that they were comin' The date stuck in my mind And that stagecoach pulled in haulin' Pismo Spanky right on time With guitars and a banjo A ukulele he played nice With a gallon tub of ice cream And thirty-pack on ice Nancy was the driver She whipped her team in shape She let Spanky have her deer steak Only vegetables she ate When I remembered it was wing night At the karaoke bar We stuffed our pockets full of beer cans And packed five in the care We came flying in to Crossroads Smell of chicken in the air Pismo Spanky riding shotgun On a wing and a prayer When we walked in to the bar Spanky ordered twelve Coors Light And he hadn't sat to drink them When the punch board caught his eye He got called for karaoke Before he gambled his whole wad He did Elvis Presley justice And made everyone applaud He'd spent three hundred dollars Before they locked the doors But Nancy won a fifty She'd stuffed it on her drawers We bought all the untouched hot wings And a thirty-pack to go We'd acquired too many riders But the wagon had to roll When we hit the intersection I saw a flip-flop take the air Pismo Spankys riding roof rack On a wing and a prayer When we crawled out the next morning We sat down to share a joint I started getting sentimental Then I lost track of my point But we knew we'd shared a memory We always could recall I tried to send them with some hot wings When I laid some out to thaw Then they left for California California I'll see you there If I make it Pismo Spanky On a wing and a prayer Oh if I make it Pismo Spanky On a wing and a prayer